Pay Less Tax

Retain at least 84% of your income

Having achieved success, your net income has now reached a point where taxation is becoming a real issue. Apart from personal income it is also preventing you from expanding.

Effective Tax Planning

With ABG Accountancy there are a number of routes to generating wealth. We are part of a key tax advisory network, and have legitimate and effective Tax Strategies than have the potential to reduce your taxation (based on an individual income of £25,000+).The tax saving opportunities we use are approved by well respected QC's, and are being enjoyed by business people across the United Kingdom right now



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  • If your company makes more than £25,000 profit, we have a strategy for you Click Here
  • If you're a contractor we help people just like you to save tax Click Here
  • If you have a property that has a capital gain arising on it, we have a strategy that will help
  • Are you worried about inheritance tax implications?, we can help you
  • If you are employed and paying higher rate tax, we have a strategy that will help
  • If you want to eliminate your IR35 worries, then call us on 01932 844341
  • If you want to maximise your Capital Allowance on your commercial property , we can help

E-mail us HERE to find out how you could benefit immediately, or call us on 01932 844341 to start saving money, you've earned it.



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