Contracting and getting good advice

ABG Accountancy understand a contractors world

If it's not enough that you have to find an agent who you can trust, go through the multitude of interviews and assessments in order to secure the yearly quota of contracts, you then have to deal with government tax changes and increased documentation, red-tape and increasing tax complexity.

We can help

ABG Accountancy have specific schemes that deal with all the tax issues that surround being a freelance contractor.

We have access to tax solutions that reduce tax liability, maintain compliance and avoid the difficult side of IR35 and the associated problems that this brings.

In short we ensure that you gain as much income as is possible from your work, making life as simple as possible by handling all the paperwork for you.

We are a firm that is able to answer your questions, and look after your needs in a professional, personal and expert manner.

Some Key Benefits For Contractors

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"I feel far happier knowing that I can arrange a meeting at any time to discuss my contracts, Tax, VAT or any aspect of my financial dealings"


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