Claiming Tax Credits

Overcalculating your income equals reduced Tax Credits for you

90% of people over calculate their income and therefore receive a reduced Tax Credit award, or just believe that they don't qualify?

As a forward thinking firm we have embraced tax credits as part of our commitment to delivering the most intelligent tax solutions.

For example, we recently carried out some calculations for a client with 3 children who (based on his income, savings and property) thought he would not be entitled to Tax Credits. He now receives over £12,000 a year in extra credits!

A simple change, such as moving from a Sole Trader to a Limited company may give your family that much needed cash boost.

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"As a man who runs a limited company,and who has a family, I had no idea whatsoever that I was entitled to benefit from tax credits. I assumed that they were some kind of benefit, not simply part of the tax system that could help me. After moving my Limited company accounting to ABG Accountancy they rapidly assessed my complete situation and now I my family is receiving over £5,000 per year in tax credits"


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