ABG provides a Tax Return service for:

  • Individuals
  • Companies 
  • Partnerships & LLP's
  • Capital gains tax
  • VAT

Many people spend their entire lives working for someone else under PAYE schemes and get used to not having to worry about completing tax returns as all deductions are made by the company or its payroll agent.

That situation changes when you become a Sole Trader, start a Limited company or if you acquire a new source of income (such as a rental property that is not taxed at source).

At ABG we remove the mystery and complexity which can trip people up early on in their quest to become their own boss. Unfortunately, most businessmen falter on this first step because the process can appear fairly complex especially for people doing it for the first time.

From the moment you start your own business you will enter the world of “self-assessment” (SA) – the name implies that you can do it yourself, but it’s not easy. Whilst online submissions and the improved HMRC website are all helpful many people turn to ABG to take advantage of our expertise.

Leaving us to fill in the forms and reduce the likelihood of penalties for mistakes and missing deadlines releases both new and experienced business owners to concentrate on growing their business and maximising revenue.

Our team is ready and waiting to assist you through this important process with the minimum of stress.

ABG have all the necessary experience and training to point you in the right direction regardless of where you are in the process. Our methodology allows us to step in at virtually anytime, providing clients with the needed assistance so they do not miss a beat. The diversity of our tax return services also targets specific areas of the process to minimise time spent deciding what to do.

We help business perform better because they can focus their attention and energy on the actual operation of their company. They do not have to worry about complying with financial requirements

ABG can deal with:

  • communication with HMRC
  • PAYE or Self Assessment
  • Self Assessment Tax Return
  • Tax deadlines
  • Advice on avoiding penalties and fines
  • How to “open an enquiry”

Stop worrying about your Tax return and call us to find out how we can remove the stress

Value Added Tax

Our VAT advice can help you calculate VAT and assist you in getting more value out of Value Added Tax (VAT).

VAT can be very time-consuming and a complete headache, particularly for a smaller or new business or those making the transition to VAT registered.

By letting ABG Accountancy take care of the regular returns for you, we can help your business run more efficiently and help you focus on growing and developing your business and not dealing with HMRC.

In addition, using our expertise we will advise on how to claim all you are entitled to. Like all the services we offer it's important that we optimise your VAT returns and ensure that not only are you complying with the regulations but that the VAT system also works for your business. We make sure that you pay and claim correctly.

Call us today to discuss your situation and find out how we can help optimise VAT for your business needs.



Independent advice on the right tax vehicle for you or your business. Decades of expertise with Sole Traders, Limited Companies, all types of Partnership. Advice for contrctors, business plans and property transactions
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We support individuals and companies with general help and advice, Compliance issues, VAT, Capitals Gains Tax, Tax Credits and getting the most from your relationship with HMRC.
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Our dedicated payroll team ensure that your RTI, Auto Enrolment and CIS are in safe hands letting you concentrate on generating revenue.
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A good accountant will keep your business compliant and legal - ABG look at how we can really optimise tax, payroll and cashflow to maximise profitability through the most appropriate tax and business vehicles and let you concentrate on driving revenue.

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