ABG Professional advice is great for:

  • Choosing to set up as a Sole trader v running a Limited company

  • Choosing a Partnership or an LLP

  • Getting the highest income from being a Contractor

  • Optimising income from Property transactions

  • Developing Business plans

  • Claiming Tax Credits

Starting any new business venture, or indeed changing direction or looking at new income streams can have considerable tax implications. The choice of the right tax vehicle or strategy can have a significant impact on final earnings and the growth of the business.

With ABG Accountancy you can be certain that you will get the very best and current advice based on decades of experience.

From your very first steps at starting a new business as a self-employed worker, we can take the mystery and stress away and provide you with the numbers to allow you to predict income. We can look at the various methods of accounting and help you decide what is best for you in the short, medium and long term. 

If you are seeking to fund we can assist with every stage of your business plan development and help you present critical financial information in a way that will communicate the opportunity professionally to potential investors and funding companies.

Call us today on 01932 844 341 and arrange an appointment to discuss how we can help.

Accountancy for Sole Traders

If you are Self-Employed or have recently made the decision to become Self-Employed, then we can support you with all the practical and effective accountancy advice you need.

In many situations setting up a Limited company can save you tax. We can identify the best solution that:

  • Delivers the maximum tax savings.

  • Makes your life easier, even in difficult times.

  • Helps you achieve those short, medium and long term business goals.

If you are already a Sole Trader and want to know if running a Limited company would be the right move, come and talk to us for an expert assessment.


Helping Limited Companies

We help lots of businesses just like yours

Regardless of whether you are manufacturing hi-tech electronics, running a company that offers B2B services or supplying products to consumers, we offer a wide range of accountancy services.

If you already run a Limited or LLP company why choose to move to ABG Accountancy?

Here are some very good reasons for you:

  • We take a more proactive approach, we see you as a business person, not just any old client.

  • We are competitively priced compared to the larger accountancy firms.

  • We actually look at EVERY angle of your business.

  • We can identify REAL and often substantial reductions with your tax liabilities. See Here.

  • We use our knowledge of the tax system and government incentives such as Tax Credits to save you money.

  • When we work for we will be on top of everything so that your various HMRC returns can be filed on time.

  • We will help you achieve your business growth targets with our One Page Business Success Plans.

  • We will help you budget and plan so that cash flow control becomes easier.

  • We offer a great Payroll service - especially given the HMRC RTI changes.

  • SAGE Accounts - set-up, training, and support.

Contracting and getting good advice

ABG Accountancy understand a contractor's world.

As if finding a recruitment agent who you can trust, attending the multitude of interviews and assessments in order to secure the yearly quota of contracts was not enough, you then have to deal with government tax changes and increased documentation, red-tape and increasing tax complexity.

Get it wrong and you are open to giving away large percentages of your hard fought fees, or worse -  but there is a good alternative.

ABG has considerable expertise and understanding of the contractor market and can fully support you ensuring that you keep as much of the income you earn as is legally possible. 

How we can help

ABG Accountancy can manage all of the following;  

  • Produce annual limited company accounts
  • Submit accounts to HMRC
  • Submit accounts to Companies House
  • Prepare and submit VAT returns
  • Calculate monthly and cumulative company and personal tax liabilities
  • Produce dividend vouchers
  • Consider most efficient dividend strategy
  • Manage payroll for sole directors and make monthly returns

In short, we ensure that you gain as much income as is possible from your work, making life as simple as possible by handling all the paperwork for you.

We are a firm that is able to answer your questions and look after your needs in a professional, personal and expert manner.


Claiming Tax Credits

Over-calculating your income equals reduced Tax Credits for you

90% of people over-calculate their income and therefore receive a reduced Tax Credit award, or just believe that they don't qualify!

As a forward thinking firm, we have embraced tax credits as part of our commitment to delivering the most intelligent tax solutions. 

For example, we recently carried out some calculations for a client with 3 children who (based on his income, savings, and property) thought he would not be entitled to Tax Credits. He now receives over £12,000 a year in extra credits!

A simple change, such as moving from a Sole Trader to a Limited company may give your family that much needed cash boost.



Independent advice on the right tax vehicle for you or your business. Decades of expertise with Sole Traders, Limited Companies, all types of Partnership. Advice for contrctors, business plans and property transactions
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We support individuals and companies with general help and advice, Compliance issues, VAT, Capitals Gains Tax, Tax Credits and getting the most from your relationship with HMRC.
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We make the process stress free for Sole Traders through to Limited Companies and Partnerships, we make buy to let and mortgage applications and bookkeeping easier.
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Our dedicated payroll team ensure that your RTI, Auto Enrolment and CIS are in safe hands letting you concentrate on generating revenue.
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A good accountant will keep your business compliant and legal - ABG look at how we can really optimise tax, payroll and cashflow to maximise profitability through the most appropriate tax and business vehicles and let you concentrate on driving revenue.

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